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Program Overview

Start your MBBS journey by building a strong foundation and improving core medical knowledge with our Basic Sciences course. This course covers all fundamental principles underlying human biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, community medicine and more. This course is designed to equip aspiring doctors with the knowledge required to pursue a successful career in medicine.

Based on e-learning principles, this course includes immersive learning videos, live discussions and tests curated by India’s top
faculty to simplify complex concepts.


Mapped integrated curriculum


Descriptive and MCQs


Learning modules


Glossary for Quick Search

CYU / Flashcard

Interactive test & flashcard


Live tutorials and doubt clearance


Facts Checked By Doctors

Fact-Checked by Doctors

Rigorous quality check of all content at multiple stages by faculty and doctors themselves to ensure it is error-free

Interactives Flashcards

Interactive Flashcards

Use flashcards to quickly review each topic and enhance your understanding of key medical concepts

Manipal MedAce Video Lectures

Primer videos

Primer videos offer a sneak peek into the subjects, giving you a glimpse of what you'll learn. They provide an introduction, sparking curiosity and preparing you mentally for the upcoming lessons, igniting interest and building anticipation for the valuable insights ahead.

Basic Science Course Dissection Videos

Dissection Videos

Broaden your understanding of the human anatomy with real-life dissection videos to take learning from classroom to clinic.

Medical Exam Preparation Videos

New-Age Immersive Videos

Interact with responsive videos that feature dynamic 3D models to make learning fun, easy and engaging.

Real-Time Mentoring Sessions

Real-time Mentoring Sessions

Get live tutoring for difficult topics and a chance to connect directly with peers and mentors to solve doubts.

Manipal MedAce Detailed Doubt Clearance

Detailed Doubt Clearance

Attend live doubt-solving sessions and clarify concepts from our dedicated faculty.

Medical Learning App Videos

Linker Videos

Linker videos bridge Basic Sciences with clinical applications, showcasing clinical case studies for AETCOM integration in the CBME curriculum.

The Course Contains

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MedAce is currently available on iPhone and Android apps so you can learn at your own convenience. Download the app now to get free 3-days trial. You can also access the MedAce app on both mobile devices and tablets.

Can I share my subscription?

No, subscriptions cannot be shared since study plans and guides are uniquely tailored to each student's needs. Also, videos cannot be played on 2 devices with same login credentials simultaenously.

Can I download the content and watch it offline?

Yes! You can download up to 5 modules at a time. When you download more than 5 modules, earlier downloaded videos will be made available online.

Are there live classes available?

Most of the video classes are recorded so you can learn at your own pace.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes! Download the app now to get free 3-days trial.

Are there notes available in the MedAce app?

Yes, MedAce provides in-app digital notes that can be conveniently downloaded within the app itself. You can access and refer to these digital notes while using the app for a seamless learning experience.

Is it possible to cancel my purchase and receive a refund?

Certainly, it is possible to cancel your purchase. However, please note that no refunds are given. After you cancel, you will still have access to the service until the end of your billing period.

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