About Manipal MedAce

Manipal MedAce is a unique digital learning resource that supplements classroom learning. Built on the instructional design principles of e-Learning, MedAce is an outcome-driven learning aid that’s based on the new integrated CBME curriculum released by the National Medical Commission in 2019 .

With over six decades of experience in medical education and healthcare, the legacy of the Manipal Group is unbeatable. MedAce brings together this legacy with the latest techniques in digital learning. Robust academic research, a comprehensive curriculum, teaching innovations and interactive content design make MedAce a dynamic and student friendly resource. The product enables MBBS students to optimize learning by providing access to the best-in-class resources on a single learning platform. It promises smart self-study using curriculum mapped content, effective revision techniques, and guidance on exam readiness.

Manipal MedAce aspires to be the brand of choice for learning amongst MBBS students across the country.

Our Subject Matter Experts

Manipal MedAce’s content is built on the strong foundation of academic insights, future learning, and quality content. Backed by the best minds of India’s medical fraternity, Manipal MedAce content curators are constantly evolving subject matter to address the current and future medical learning trends worldwide.

About Manipal Global

Manipal Global Education Services is a leading international provider of quality business and marketing solutions in higher education. Our services help educators and institutions keep pace with the learners’ evolving demands and set up business best practices focused on the future needs of higher education.
Manipal Global, a part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), currently has a presence worldwide, holding, operating, and championing campus enterprises across India, Dubai, Malaysia, Nepal, and Antigua in the Caribbean. For more information, visit www.manipalglobal.com

The Manipal MedAce Mission

Empowering Learners. Transforming Lives
Manipal MedAce aspires to be the brand of choice for undergraduate MBBS learning across the country. With comprehensive learning resources powered by best-in-class and interactive learning content, innovation, and passion, Manipal MedAce aims to empower future doctors to be qualified and competent professionals.

Study the Manipal MedAce way

Manipal MedAce is built to make learning outcome-driven. It follows the CBME curriculum and is supported by interactive learning and case-based evaluation. With Manipal MedAce students have all the resources they need to be qualified and competent doctors.

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