March 24, 2022

What to Expect in the 1st Year MBBS

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Final Year MBBS, AIIMS Bhubaneswar

MBBS, a word that inspires dreams, builds passion, and motivates generations of students, is not an easy road taken. Right from the entrance to the exit, its brims with competition, expectations, exhaustion, and voracious studying.

To excel in this field, one needs immense mental strength, perseverance, dedication, and above all, a strong purpose; a strong answer to the ‘Why?’. It is not uncommon to find many of the MBBS students ending up frustrated or losing motivation during the course, unable to endure the exhaustive rigorous training that the MBBS curriculum requires. And yet, we find a lot of doctors successfully graduating every year and contributing meaningfully to society.

The question is ‘How’? What is that ‘X’ factor that differentiates an average medical student from an excellent clinician? How do the great doctors of our reach the heights of success, and continuously extrapolate them while many of their batchmates, from the same college, either struggle with life or quit in between.

The answer is simple, a strong sense of purpose, a rock-solid foundation, and foresight are what lays down the path to success. It is important to have a good start in MBBS, as it sets the tone right for a long elaborate journey ahead. That’s the reason why it is important to know what to expect in the first year of MBBS so that one is physically and emotionally prepared to adapt when it comes.


Academics is the priority focus for every MBBS student. Come what may, one should not lose a vision of the fact that the reason for joining MBBS is to gain the necessary knowledge and skills expected of an undergraduate medico, and anything that can hamper this in a long term should be carefully kept away.

The academics present a phenomenal change from the +2 to M.B.B.S, as the content doubles and the time available is halved. The concepts are new, and a smarter approach is needed. To tackle this disproportionate time-learning content balance, we must learn to increase the per minute learning and sieve out the high yield topics.

MedAce, helps you do exactly that. With structured, competency tagged, concise yet robust lecture series, the resource aims to deliver the content in a short span of time, laying stress on important high yield topics with high-resolution pictures, illustrations, tables, flowcharts, and anecdotes that make learning comprehensive and engaging.


The next problem that we often face, is the change in the pattern of learning and examination. Most of us had been a part of coaching centres while preparing for the NEET exam, where we used to have regular short objective exams after completing a set of topics, followed by a grand exam covering a larger segment, and finally, a test that assessed understanding of the entire syllabus. This feature is often missing in M.B.B.S. Even semester exams have a huge chunk of topics, which are mostly subjective and demand a different skill set to understand and learn all together.

To address this, Manipal MedAce has specially curated interactive modules to test your understanding and clarity of concepts, after every topic. This allows you to have a check on your learning, identify the gaps in understanding and make a focussed revision plan.

The extensive MCQ bank, with clinically oriented case vignettes, are developed, tested, and verified by a few of the best academicians in the country. The learning content features give you a glimpse of the real-life problems in clinics and lay down a strong foundational understanding for a future clinician.


One of the most important changes that a first-year medical student faces are the change in the pattern of exams. There is a paradigm shift, with a predominantly subjective paper, where a student is expected to present an answer with the help of diagrams, illustrations, and flowcharts. To answer such questions, in a limited span of time, adequate practice is of paramount importance.

MedAce has a unique feature of subjective Questions, wherein the student is provided with subjective questions (curated from the previous year’s questions of the premier colleges in the country), and the student is supposed to type down the answers in the space provided. To simulate real-time exams, the resource has been provisioned for uploading pictures. You can also record an audio clip and attach it to it, for future reference.

Lastly, practice makes a person perfect, and M.B.B.S. is no exception. A well-planned robust revision schedule is a must to ace the exams. With the flashcard feature, Q&A, and revision videos, the platform makes sure that you get every help for your 1st year in M.B.B.S. First-year is a puzzle, and to crack it, Manipal MedAce offers the key.

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