November 27, 2021

Tips to stay on top of your MBBS coursework

Written By:
2nd Year MBBS Student, KMC Manipal

Success does not come from what you occasionally do. It comes from what you do consistently. Here are a few tips to Ace your MBBS learning and stay on top of the coursework.

  • Divide the vast load of studies into smaller segments when learning
  • Follow chapter outlines and know how much you must cover. This will help you plan your study more efficiently and effectively
  • It is better to do segments of your portion every day consistently Instead of cramping up learning all the content in one day and then being overwhelmed for the next few days with all the information
  • When bored of your learning material or you do not feel like studying a particular topic. Take a break and shift gears by googling or watching a video on your favourite topic/subject. Your brain gets active and interested when simulated with subjects that interest you and can better absorb information
  • When you’re not in the mood to study, study with a friend. Talk about the chapters, important questions, and quiz each other on the topics you are revising. Learning with a friend is more of an active studying tactic rather than passive reading, which increases participation
  • Make flowcharts. Use coloured pens and draw concept maps of what you’ve read. Re-check with the book. So, you’re practising and recalling at the same time.
  • Make your question bank of key topics and frequently asked questions when you’re trying to memorize a large chunk of information. This will help you revise and practice for tests better
  • Don’t overthink and stress about not being able to do a hundred percent. Covering small segments of the larger portion will help learn progressively and consistently
  • Take help of online resources to facilitate your learning process with video lectures, animations, and other material online platforms offer
  • Ask your questions to clear your doubts. Asking questions, you will quickly discover that you’re linking up concepts, and that’s what will stick with you in your MBBS journey.
  • Don’t forget the break sessions. Your mind needs to decompress and prepare to take in new information. Take a break and refresh to study better   

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