February 1, 2022

Readymade Notes by Manipal MedAce

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Getting into an MBBS program is exciting in many ways. It is the start of your medical journey. While the first year is dedicated to strengthening your foundational understanding of the Basic Sciences subjects, year two MBBS has students putting in more time as it is more challenging. Students have a host of things to be completed daily. Theirs is a rather strenuous schedule filled with  lectures, , labs , clinics and more.

Self-study becomes critical  to keep up with the hectic study schedule . Regular and sustained self study brings in rigour and ensures that students feel confident and prepared during exam time  . The college prescribed textbooks are exhaustive and  While its important to read them as thoroughly as possible, its also important to have quick notes and summaries of whats been read and learnt, that can be revisited at a later timewithout hassle – this is where note making becomes key.

Time-saving, effective subject ready reckoners

Traditional class note-taking has now evolved to smart note-taking for effective self-study and revision. MBBS students need to make notes by themselves and highlight key information frequently asked to enable smarter self-study. With multiple subjects taught in one academic year, the process of note-taking must be diligently done and in a way that suits the student’s personal learning style.

Due to fast-paced MBBS classes, coverage of study topics in notes sometimes remains incomplete. In such a situation, the student must consider their learning requirements and the onus of self-study and preparing appropriate notes. Though effective during revisions, this self-made note-making can be time-consuming, expending precious self-study time leading to stress.

Manipal MedAce addresses this critical need for structured and effective note-making by providing  Readymade Notes on most topics. For all the subjects and most of the competencies, the E-books and pdf feature offers comprehensive ready notes that students can use to understand the topic, revise, and prepare for examinations. Allowing students more time to learn per minute.

Comprehensive yet focused notes

Well-structured to aid comprehensive understanding, MedAce’s Readymade Notes are prepared in a manner that facilitates easy reading and understanding. They are prepared by faculty members who have years of medical pedagogy experience. These expert teachers are aware of the requirements of an undergraduate MBBS student.

All the readymade notes have been prepared, just like every other learning content, keeping in view the competencies and the Subject Learning Objectives (SLOs) prescribed by the medical education regulations. The coverage of topics in the Readymade Notes is broad and includes key information for learner understanding and facilitates better retention.

Interactive & Easy to Refer

The E-books and interactive PDFs make for an excellent reference and learning asset. The content is organized in a brief nugget format. Emphasis is made on clinical correlations and is extensively covered in MedAce’s Readymade Notes. The interactivity feature holds the learner’s attention and makes navigation through the resource easy and seamless.

Besides E-books and pdf notes, MedAce also includes brief descriptive notes for the anatomy specimens as part of its Virtual Anatomy Museum. These notes are excellent reading material to understand and learn alongside visual aids.

Readymade notes are essential and especially in courses that are content heavy and where there are complex concepts to deal with across subjects. MedAce understands this and thus have curated readymade notes based on e-learning principles. The readymade notes are well organized, cover most competencies, and are aesthetically presented.

Personalized for more learning per minute

With Manipal MedAce’s readymade notes, the student now does not have to worry about class notes when attending the fast-paced MBBS lectures. They can now complement what is taught, referencing notes provided through the learning resource. Additionally, the notes-making feature on Manipal MedAce allows students to combine class notes and Readymade Notes to make comprehensive learning assets that suit individual learning styles. MedAce’s Readymade Notes also include links to external learning resources that students can explore to deepen their understanding and learn more.

A truly best-in-class learning resource. Manipal MedAce’s Readymade Notes give students confidence by allowing access to well organized, accurate, brief yet comprehensive, e-learning adapted and engaging learning materials. The interactive and engaging content ensures students learn, revise, and self-assess periodically to understand the concepts competently. This competency gives students the required confidence during class tests and university exams.

The Manipal MedAce readymade notes are available in PDF, brief descriptions, and e-books. The resource will continue to add more learning content in the form of readymade notes in due course of time.

Highlights of Manipal MedAce Readymade Notes

  • Ready notes for quick reference and revision for PY1 & PY2 – UG MBBS
  • E-learning designed notes with diagrams, flowcharts, and mnemonics
  • Q&A format notes for quick revision & optimum exam preparedness
  • Interactive PDF format for digital-friendly learning accessibility

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