December 7, 2021

Optimized Learning Through Personalization

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Learning is a profoundly personal phenomenon yet has always been conducted in groups. Each student has a unique way of learning and understanding concepts. They also have their own pace of learning, which can sometimes not match the classroom teaching pace. MBBS teaching-learning, given the vastness of the curriculum, things occur at a breakneck speed. This can sometimes be unsettling for many students resulting in them trying to catch up to what is taught in class and leading to stress. Many students search for that ‘sweet spot’ of learning pace, which has to be seen with other things like maintaining a balanced study and personal life balance.

Manipal MedAce understands the need for personalization and addresses the MBBS students throughout their learning journey. In providing ownership of learning to the student, MedAce makes learning meaningful. E-learning design principle adapted learning nuggets are byte-sized. Brief lecture videos by experienced MBBS faculty are of 15–20-minute duration. Complex concepts have been broken down into smaller units, with rich animation or gamified to engage the learner allowing deep absorption of knowledge. All this is created keeping in mind that the user can personalize their learning by compartmentalizing their learning time and not get burdened by time-consuming resources.

The learning resources in MedAce are apt for personalized learning so that the competencies of CBME are all tagged and matched with the resources. All the essential features of a personalized learning journey, leaving students in control of their learning. The absence of the pressure of summative or year-end examinations and the ability to access the learning resources anytime and anywhere is imbibed in Manipal MedAce.

Often in a classroom setup, students might find certain topics tougher than others, and while they get their way around them, the class progresses, and the student is left with playing catch-up, which affects their learning pace. With MedAce where learning assets are divided into different competencies, the student can come back from classes, check on the resources on MedAce that pertains to those competencies and try to learn them at their own pace. The material can be revisited for revision, and knowledge checks further help students gauge their preparedness, allowing them time and resources to re-learn specific difficult concepts.


  • Learning aid to strengthen your understanding & make connections between theory & application as per learner need
  • Facilitates perfection of concepts and techniques through repeat learning
  • Engaging & immersive content mapped to curriculum
  • Gamified content that makes learning interesting & retentive

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