November 27, 2021

Linker Case Videos by Manipal MedAce

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First-of-its kind integrated & aligned Basic Sciences Understanding for
first-year MBBS students

The first year MBBS curriculum is designed to help the student build a foundation in Basic Sciences. The portions are vast, and for students to make greater sense of what they are studying, the MBBS curriculum aims to align subjects, that is, studying one organ system across subjects in the same time frame. 

At the same time, the syllabus also intends to remove demarcations between subjects and provide concepts that integrate different subjects. Both “alignment” and “integration” aim to give the student a holistic and bigger picture. 

To link the concepts in an aligned and integrated topic, the Manipal MedAce linker case videos prove helpful. This online MBBS learning resource has linker case videos on various topics, making you think about various aspects of a clinical case right in the beginning. These integrated linker case videos help you get an in depth view of the learning that will follow in the modules. The linker case videos in Manipal MedAce have been prepared after careful research of all subjects in the first year MBBS program.

The process involves collating learning objectives and building a story around it. It encompasses scientifically accurate scripts recorded in a clinic set-up for better student learning and understanding. These curated linker videos will engage you and nudge for further learning. It will provide solutions and insight into real-life case scenarios by the end of the module.

Highlights of Manipal MedAce’s Linker Case Videos;

  • Perfect for 1st Year Students to learn Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy
  • Efficient to learn and build a foundation with modules integrated organ system-wise
  • Early clinical exposure and understanding the application of Basic Sciences principles in a hospital setting

Complement your classroom learning. Visit Manipal MedAce to avail of a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL and access best-in-class online MBBS learning content. 

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