December 7, 2021

E-Learning Principles Designed MBBS Resources

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The fundamental goal of digital learning resources is to be limitless, advanced, and accessible for any time, anywhere education. Students look to supplement their classroom learning with self-paced study. However, e-learning needs to deliver seamless, immersive, and engaging learning content for students to optimize their learning and understand better.

E-Learning Design Principles are created to address the need for students to understand better, absorb, and retain information. This coupled with curriculum mapped content deliver best-in-class resources that are both effective and efficient. For maximum impact when learning online, programs should be strategically and thoughtfully designed with an appropriate combination of Instructional Design Principles.

Manipal MedAce’s learning resources use the tried and tested theories of e-learning across its course content. Subject Matter Experts have curated the learning resources and adapted them with e-learning design principles keeping in mind the best online learning practices. Using multi-media principles, the resource has images and text perfected to complement each other, allowing for easy co-relation and effective learning through visual aids.

The Manipal MedAce resources are designed to make complex concepts simpler to understand and learn. This is facilitated with diagrams, flowcharts, infographics, gamified content, and more, making learning a lot more engaging and interesting, that result in better retention. The resources engaging games like drag and drop and rearranging boxes require actions and employ learning-by-doing principles resulting in effective learning. Additionally, the resource has compiled information that is clean and clutter-free, leading to stress-free learning.

Allowing for a personalized learning experience, Manipal MedAce facilitates users to create their avatars, where the learning journey is personalized with tailored feedback mapped to the student’s journey. Adhering to the e-learning principles of voice, the voice-over of learning content is humanized and informal, allowing students to relate better to the course content. With a focused approach to making e-learning impactful, each of Manipal MedAce’s assets has endured a rigorous quality assessment. This, coupled with the product’s curriculum mapped content, makes Manipal MedAce learning a truly enjoyable experience.

Highlights of E-Learning Design Principles Adapted Content on Manipal MedAce

  • Engaging & immersive content mapped to curriculum
  • Gamified content that makes learning interesting & retentive
  • No information overload, provides brief lecture capsules with key takeaways on important topics

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