December 7, 2021

Core Topic Focused Brief Lecture Capsules

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Learning MBBS sets you on a course to discover the amazing world of medicine and healthcare. A future in medicine is bright, but an MBBS student’s journey is a long and arduous one. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in the right resource to partner with the student to make your learning experience seamless and effortless.

While classroom learning creates a base for the learner’s knowledge, it is essential to have resources that aid in effective self-learning to delve deeper into the topic.  The course is extensive, and it is pertinent to have content that will simplify complex topics and deliver key takeaways which help the student learn and prepare for tests, sessionals, and exams.

To deliver MBBS students with the best learning resources, Manipal MedAce has curated over a hundred brief lectures covering core topics under each subject. Curated by experienced MBBS faculty, these lecture capsules of an average of 15 minutes each, have been designed keeping in mind the best practices in education theories. The topic is covered with detailed explanations, which makes complex concepts easier to understand and learn.

The Subject Matter Experts delivering these video lectures bring to fore their experience and expertise in teaching. They explain the topics innovatively, integrating the best teaching methods that are e-learning principles adapted.

The built-in features in these lecture capsules allow students speed adjustments to cater to each individuals learning requirement. Aesthetically designed with real-voice integrations in a video format increases the engagement of the learner. The Manipal MedAce’s brief lecture capsules conclude with reading suggestions to facilitate further learning that is not restricted to the lectures.

In addition to Manipal MedAce brief lecture capsules deliver core topic insights and key takeaways, the plethora of revision and assessment resources included provide a holistic concept understanding and engaged learning environment to the student.

Highlights of Brief Lecture Capsules by Manipal MedAce

  • Clear & focused 15-minute lectures
  • Lectures by experienced MBBS teachers
  • Quality content simplifying complex topics

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