November 27, 2021

Challenges You Face in MBBS

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II Year MBBS Student

The four-year learning MBBS is not easy. From attending lectures, staying on top of revisions, and going to the clinics. All while making time for oneself and rest is not an easy task.

The biggest challenge in your tenure is managing time. In medical school, ‘Time is everything’. A third of your day will go into attending classes and clinics. One common problem medical students face is lagging on their syllabus and the need to revise large portions in a single day before any exam. The other part goes in self-study and personal time like daily chores and resting. This schedule which will become routine leaves you with very little time to socialise and cultivate a personal life beyond the course.  Being a student, studies should be your top priority. While it may feel challenging initially, everyone learns how to balance and manage eventually.

Once you start your MBBS course learning, you are faced with another challenge – What to study. Whether to read lecture notes, PowerPoint course material, textbooks, or some other online resource. We have been provided with a list of recommended textbooks. However, reading and understanding the language can be difficult for some. At the same time, it isn’t easy to choose a textbook that suits one the best. Today, many e-learning resources also help explain complex MBBS topics and help in effective revisions that lead to efficient study. Every student finds their best-suited mode and method of learning soon.

Another big challenge is maintaining a positive outlook. Managing academics while doing everything else can get very stressful at times. It’s important to have a positive outlook while dealing with learning and keeping up with your peers. It’s easy to procrastinate and become lazy when completing the course seems difficult.  It is important to take this slowly but consistently and keep working progressively while maintaining a positive perception of the situation.

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